Status (May 2017)

An offer to purchase the Hare and Hounds has been accepted, and the Steering Group is preparing a share offer and business plan for pledgers. Pledgers will be contacted as soon as the the documents are available.


The Hare and Hounds, Harlton, closed in October 2016. Despite Sue’s best efforts to sell the pub, unfortunately a buyer was not found. Thanks to Sue’s hard work over many years, the pub has been a valuable asset to the village community – an asset we wish to maintain.

At a village meeting in July 2016, there was strong support for working towards a community bid to purchase the Hare and Hounds. A Steering Group was subsequently formed to work on a bid, and since that time has been engaging with Sue, actively seeking advice and fundraising.

We are very optimistic that we can keep the pub going, and carry on the valuable work that Sue has done over the past nine years. Following meetings with Sue, we are now putting together a business plan and are preparing a bid for the Hare and Hounds.

Preparation of a community bid

Preparation for a community bid for the Hare and Hounds is well underway, with the Steering Group working on a business plan. As part of preparing a business plan Humberstones carried out a valuation. More news soon on the business plan and a presentation of it to the community.

Send in your ideas

Send any ideas you have for the Hare and Hounds to steering-group@helpthehareandhounds.org. We have a survey form for gathering feedback to help us understand what you would value in a reopened Hare and Hounds.