Steering Group

The Steering Group members are Harlton residents who are passionate about saving the Hare and Hounds. The group bring a wide range of skills to support the community purchase of the pub, and meet weekly to work on the purchase. Below you can find out why each member has chosen to be involved.


Sarah Bartlett I have lived in Harlton for over 9 years, and the Hare and Hounds was one of the reasons for coming to live in this village. In our friendly local free house, we have spent many lovely hours regularly eating, drinking and making friends with the people that visit the pub and these people have helped us to join in with other local community activities like helping with the village fete, joining local badminton clubs and local pilates – in our first 6 months here, we had made more friends than we had in the 6 years we lived in our previous commuter village in Buckinghamshire, so that we felt like we had ‘come home’. I passionately believe we need to re‑open the Hare and Hounds as it is the heart of the village and re-establish it as a central hub for this village community.


Ben Banks I was born, raised, live and work on our mixed family farm in Harlton. I am married to Sarah and we have 4 teenage children. I have met and got to know a great number of people from Harlton and the surrounding villages over the last 25 years when socialising in the Hare and Hounds. I believe our community has a real opportunity to secure this important asset, so the next generation can enjoy and benefit from it as much as I have in the past and wish to continue enjoy visiting it the future.


Richard Benson I have lived in Harlton since 2001, at 57 High Street, opposite the pub. I am a Consultant Oncologist at Addenbrooke’s Hospital. I believe passionately in the value of a pub within the community as well as enjoying the therapeutic benefits of the occasional pint. I particularly appreciated Friday nights with the meat raffle and the Sunday quiz. As a Parish Councillor I voted to list the pub as an Asset of Community Value because I believe that is what it is.


Martin Coghlan Martin has lived in Harlton village for 72 years and has been working locally through his own amenity and gardening business for 54 years. He is extremely well connected locally and has a client base in Harlton and other local villages. Martin has been a regular in the Hare and Hounds for 54 years and is very keen to keep this key village feature alive.


Fenella Martin-Redman I moved to Harlton 9 years ago with my then two small children. I enjoy the countryside in our village, walking or running my dogs every day past the Hare and Hounds and through the clutch pit. The village has a great community feel and the pub is a part of that.


Patrick Phelan I have lived in Harlton for 17 years, with my wife and three children, who are now grown up. By profession, I am an engineer and business leader, with 25 years’ experience at Managing Director level, leading companies in Cambridgeshire and beyond in the offshore Oil and Gas and Renewable Energy industries. In my spare time, I used to be a keen cricketer (with more knowledge than ability), and now play the occasional round of golf. I enjoy going to pubs and restaurants with friends and family. I would love to see the Hare and Hounds become a thriving village pub, and I am delighted to put my business skills and experience to good use by chairing our Steering Group.


Wade Tipton I moved with my wife Karen and young family to Harlton just 3 years ago and were attracted by the character of the village, including the Hare and Hounds as the centre for the village community. My family has integrated into village life via the Hare and Hounds and want to make sure this valuable asset to the community is both retained and made relevant to the needs of the community today. I have started and managed technology and manufacturing businesses, and have 15 years’ experience as a company director. I am using this experience as a Steering Group member, in particular helping to plan the operational running of the pub.


John Watson I have lived at 3 Haslingfield Road with my better half, Jean, since August 2005. Two of our three daughters and four of our five grandchildren (soon to be six) live within 20 minutes of Harlton.I retired some time ago after 25 years working in senior positions in the Nuclear Industry. I have recently come out of retirement to help to raise  funds to enable the Harlton community to buy and re-open the Hare and Hounds as soon as possible.  The Hare and Hounds is a key part of the cohesiveness of the village.  We must not and we will not fail in our efforts to re-open it.


Garth Wells I moved to Harlton in 2012 with my wife and daughter, drawn by the community spirit of the village. For me, a thriving pub is an essential element for vibrant village life in a rural community. I am an academic at University of Cambridge, and run a small business providing technical consultancy services on computer modelling and simulation. Using my computing experience, I maintain the Help the Hare and Hounds web site.